A Sunny Oasis of Calm

We should collect memories, not things. They hold more excellent value and make life a little more exciting. Moreover, memories are excellent conversation starters. As much as people love traveling to distant places, heading to less-visited places holds higher values.

Have you heard of Rabat? Like many others, you have probably never heard of it. If you have, you may not know all the beautiful things this untapped capital has to offer. It is a lovely and historically vibrant city located just by the Atlantic Ocean in Morocco. 

Here, it is pleasantly calm and peaceful, unlike its bordering cities. The atmosphere is much more slow-placed. Your trip will introduce you to historical artifacts, vibrant culture, and impressive architecture with every turn you take. It is the ideal place for an adventurous person who will enjoy learning a thing or two. 

Mesmerizing History and Architecture

Rabat is the historical hub of brilliant architecture and history in all of Morocco. It is dotted with several monuments that showcase the city’s diverse history that will bring out your inner photographer. The first place you should visit is the colossal Hassan Tower. It is a fantastic unfinished wonder of the ancient world. People have been touched by this pillar for over 800 years, and feeling it yourself is a historical mark. It is a breathtaking vision. Rabat is also home to several beautiful Madrasas. They are colleges dedicated to Islamic teachings, and one of the most memorable is Abul Hassan Medersa found across River Salé. It is adorned with mosaic tiles and beautiful carvings that you need to see with your own eyes to truly appreciate. 

Mouth-watering Culinary Delights

Moroccan food is a must-try while in Rabat. The city is famously known for culinary delights, unlike anything else you have tasted. Expect a thrilling mixture of sweetness and spice as you indulge in some local favorites with a heavy touch of Arabic and European influences.

Favorites snacks as pigeon pastilla are unlike anything you will ever try on your travels. This savory pie-dish might be your new favorite thing. For something sweet, try another local favorite known as msemen. It is a sugary, puffed pancake served warm with butter and honey. It is considered a staple among Moroccans, so you can eat it any time of the day.

There are many restaurants of every budget in the area serving these and more delicacies. For a more authentic experience, you can also try the street food. It is affordable and made by the locals, so you know it is good.

The Bustling Medina

A trip to Rabat cannot end without shopping experience. The city is a trove of local treasures that will make the trip more memorable. The Medina is the place to be for all your shopping needs in the city. You will find stunning embroidered fabrics, beautiful rugs, handcrafted leather goods, and unique jewelry to add to your collection. You are sure to get a souvenir here as handcrafted items are plenty and are very affordable.

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