Top 10 Travel Destinations In Africa

Africa is the second-largest and most beautiful continent in the world. It’s a land rich in the grace of nature, interesting history, and its geography was enough to draw Aaron from Pedleys Solar in Australia here for a safari holiday with his wife in 2014.

I interviewed Aaron for my business blog and during our talks he gave me the idea of writing this post after hearing about the amazing adventure they had.

Being the second-largest continent in the world, Africa is known for many of these interesting facts. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world due to its rich wildlife. It also includes some of the most famous rivers, deserts, and wildlife reserves.

Here are the top 10 travel destinations in Africa

South Africa

South Africa offers a great holiday option as a local and international attraction. Given the rand exchange rate for the US dollar, a tour of South Africa has become an exciting and interesting destination.

There are many options for relaxation, adventure, excitement, and sightseeing. The Drakensberg Mountains offer an amazing attraction in the context of the oldest mountain range in the world.

Attractions include hiking, sightseeing, scenic, mountain biking, and more.


Zimbabwe is a diverse country full of natural diversity.

Zimbabwe originally means “great stone house”. Tourist places in Zimbabwe come with a wide variety of activities. Zimbabwe as a country has much to offer its visitors in general. Harare is the commercial capital of Zimbabwe.

It is a vibrant and cosmopolitan place. Victoria Falls National Park is located on the eastern and southern banks of the Zambezi River


Namibia is a surprisingly opposite country. From the tropical jungles of Capravi where Okavango and Grand Zambezi are home to herds of crocodiles, hippopotamuses, hippopotamuses, and migratory elephants – to the unique lifestyle of the Namib desert fauna who live for “drinking”‘ without water.


Ghana is one of the most unique countries on the African continent. The ancient history of this land shows the world a large number of unique cultures and people.

The Ghana Empire flourished here in the Middle Ages. The medieval kingdom of Mali helped Ashanti, one of the most colorful African ethnic groups, to promote its culture, which can now be studied with tourists.


Tanzania is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa attracting the attention of many travelers from different regions around the world.

The country offers lots of excitement and many great places to explore and activities to do. This is why we will not highlight the many places and activities of tourists holidaying in Tanzania.


Egyptian pyramids are the places people love to visit, for example, Sharm el-Sheikh, Luxor, Cairo, etc.

There are some places that Egypt’s civilization and emperors must visit.


Kenya, with its natural beauty, with large wildlife and diversity, offers some of the world’s best safaris and outdoor adventure activities.

When you meet the indigenous people you can taste the unique culture and traditions – Masai Mara is one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries in Africa. It is located in southwestern Kenya and is also part of the northern part of Serengeti National Park.


Malawi is the “warm heart of Africa”, and Malawi is a stable and safe African country known for its smiles and friendly nature to its people.

However, the central part of tourism is the attractive Lake Malawi, “Star Lake” in Livingston. The country is distinguished by a rich variety of wildlife, fish, and birdlife apart from plants, and the country is ideal for nature lovers, as Malawi Lake Park has been declared a UNESCO World


Tunisia is a popular tourist destination. You will find some amazing beaches in this beautiful part of the world. In Tunisia, you will find many natural beauty and ancient structures.

Also, you will definitely love the colorful festivals in Tunisia. Most of the Sahara desert is located in Tunisia. Hardly any other country can match the fun, excitement, and enthusiasm.

Walking along the Tunisian beaches in the evening is a great experience. A trip to this beautiful country will definitely revive you.


When you travel abroad, especially outside your home you want peace of mind.

The same applies if you desire to visit an African Safari. If you want a friendly and warm encounter then travel to a shelter of peace in Zambia.

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